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Hello! My name is Elizabeth Olsson and I LOVE cats! That is why Rebecca and Harveen kindly let me manage this page. Cats became my favourite animal in Grade 2 when I started reading my favourite book series (you'll learn more about them later on the page), and since then I have been completely cat crazy. I hope you enjoy reading this paragraph and viewing this page because it is my pleasure to do so. Again, if you are one of my friends, PLEASE tell me if there is anything I have missed about cats, or if you have my email, email me if you need to. Any of your ideas you are welcome to tell me. Enjoy!



First, here are a few pictures of cats and kittens:

cats_page_1.jpg 2 Bengal kittens play fighting.

cat_page_3.jpg A Tradition

al/Applehead Siamese (like my cat Evelyn).

cat_page_2.jpgA very cute Gray Tabby kitten with 2 ducklings.

cat_page_4_try3.jpgA cute

kitten sleeping in a funny position.

cat_page_5.jpg A small fluffy kitten.

cat_page_6_try2.jpg An American Short-

hair kitten (like my cat Patrick) playing with a cat toy.

Cute cat!!!!!!.jpgThis

is a very cute sleeping kitten! Don't you feel like hugging him/her!

BENGAL KITTEN PLEASE WORK.jpg Here is a tiny Bengal kitten. His eyes are so blue!! :D

nom nom sleeping.jpg "Nom... nom......zzzzzzzz." A very cute kitten asleep on yarn. I love these cat photos!

White cat.jpgDid you know

that a cat like this (with one blue eye and one a different colour) is usually deaf in the ear above the blue eye? Interesting, isn't it?

There are many more cat pictures, but I can only post a few of them.

Next I will talk about about a cat series I know of called Warriors.

The cat series is named Warriors, and it`s about four Clans of cats living in the wild. They live by the warrior code, and meet in peace every full moon. To learn more, copy the link below and paste it onto your browser. Then press enter.


Here are pictures of all the series out so far:

cat_page_books_1.jpg The first series, Warriors

cat_page_books_2.jpgThe second series (sorry this is the best picture I could find), The New Prophecy.

cat_page_books_3.htm The third series, The Power of Three.

CAT PAGE WARRIORS SERIES 1!1!1!.jpgThe first four books of the third series, Omen of the Stars

!!!! CAT PAGEWARRIORS 2!2!2!2!2!2121.jpg The Fifth book of Omen of the Stars.

123 a The last hope.jpgAnd finally the last of the Omen of the Stars series, The Last Hope.

Interesting Cat Facts!!!!


Stroking a cat can help to relieve stress, and the feel of a purring cat on your lap conveys a strong sense of security and comfort

A cat has more bones than a human being; humans have 206 and the cat has 230 bones

Cats have the largest eyes of any mammal

Ailurophile is the word cat lovers are officially called

Purring does not always indicate that a cat is happy. Cats will also purr loudly when they are distressed or in pain

When a cats rubs up against you, the cat is marking you with it's scent claiming ownership

The average lifespan of an outdoor-only cat is about 3 to 5 years while an indoor-only cat can live 16 years or much longer

The cat's front paw has 5 toes and the back paws have 4. Cats born with 6 or 7 front toes and extra back toes are called polydactl

It has been scientifically proven that owning cats is good for our health and can decrease the occurrence of high blood pressure and other illnesses

Most cats don't have eyelashes

White cats with two blue eyes are normally deaf

White cats with one blue eye and another different coloured eye are usually deaf in the ear above the blue eye

Interesting facts about Elizabeth and cats:

I first started reading Warriors at Veranda Beach, the place I go every summer. the next year after that my friend Claire started to read them. Now this year my friend Ella, who last year said she hated Warriors, has read them all!! I think Warriors is kind of like a good disease that spreads!!!

Coincidentally right this moment my sister is reading a part of my Warriors Field Guide!!! Don't tell her!!!


Here is where you can vote on different cat related things! This time you can vote on your favourite type of cat. Vote from the choices below!!

2.Siamese (Modern)
3.Siamese (Traditional or Applehead)
4.American Shorthair
5.Tabby (any type)

To vote, comment (hit the speech bubble icon at the top of the page and hit: New Post+. You need to be logged in.) and say which breed. If you don't know a breed and you want to know one, email me or contact me in any way. Thanks!

Exclusive Story!

When Evelyn Broke her Leg

Evelyn was a tiny little kitten when she broke her leg. She could almost fit in both your palms put together. She was really shy and didn't like the dog.

One day my dad was dropping Eleanor off at her dance like 2 minutes away from my house and my mom was at work. Evelyn was at the top of the staircase looking down at the floor. Rufus came running behind her an sniffed her bottom, meaning no harm, but ended up pushing her off! She fell down, down, down, and kaplunk! She hit the ground, landing on her feet, and bolted up to her cat bed out of the dogs reach. I tried to save her, but she was already on the floor when I had gotten close.

I called my dad; he was on his way and arrived shortly afterwards. We checked her out and saw her limping. Poor Evelyn. Her leg was broken!!!

Luckily my mom was at her work then and we brought her to the vet. My mom did the work and before I knew it Evelyn was back! Well..... she was in a cast. She is better now and bigger now. She also likes the dog okayish now.

Exclusive Story!

The Day I Got my Cat Patrick

My family was driving home from Seattle when we saw a huge sign that read, "Iron Forge Cattery. Kittens Available Now!" We were looking for a playmate for our other kitten, and this was the proper time to get one. On the way to the cattery, we stopped by a pet store and bought a cat carrier.

When my family and I arrived I instantly noticed the cute little American Shorthairs running around inside. Inside, a small, brown tabby kitten walked right up to me and started purring. After adopting him, he slept all the way home in the cat carrier.

Evelyn immediately started playing with Patrick (I named him that because it was St. Patrick's Day when we got him.), and from then on they have been best friends.

Exclusive Story!

The Story of my Grandparents Cat Sani.

Sani first belonged to a different family. She was an outdoor cat, and was roaming the neighbourhood when she fell asleep in a car engine. Shortly afterwords the owner of the car came and started the engine without seeing Sani there! When the driver heard her painful cry and saw her wrecked tail and leg he immediately found her owners. Next she was brought straight to the Vet.

Coincidentally my mom was the vet who saw her first. They couldn't pay for her to get fixed, so there only option was to put her down or give her away. Fortunately my mom adopted her and did the surgery. Sani soon became the three legged no tailed family cat.

Up to when I was two my family lived with my grandparents. Sani was my cat friend. Even now, although I live in a different house, I like her and she likes me.


Ever wanted to know what you would be like as a cat? Take this quiz to find out:

Your fur colour would be:

a. Light brown
b. Light grey with darker grey stripes
c. Black
d. Calico
e. White with multi-coloured patches/spots
f. Other

Your personality is like (chose up to 3)

Timid and scared
Outgoing and Playful
A little shy but friendly
Aggresive and vicious
Lazy and sleepy
Kind and helpful
Outgoing to only people that you are used to
Grumpy and happy to be alone

Choose what you would do! Your owner gets a new kitten! You:

a. Welcome it and sleep, play, and share your house with it
b. Are aggresive at first, but after you get used to it you share your house
c. Start clawing and attacking it so the two of you have to be separated
d. Quickly dive under the bed, terrified. What if it's mean!!?!?!?
e. Shrug and lie back down and fall asleep
f. Hiss at it and always aviod, but don't hurt it in any way

You live:

a. Outside, having nothing to do with humans or house cats
b. In a human house and never wish to go outside
c. In a human house but can venture outside when you want
d. In the streets or alleys by yourself
e. With a friend in the wild but rely on humans for food

Have you read "Warriors" by Erin Hunter?

b. Yes, and I liked them
d. No? I like books. I like cats. Is it a book about cats?
e. No, and I don't even want to!
f. Not read them, but heard they are a great series!

Finally, last question. Did you like this quiz?

b. It was good.
c. I HATED THIS! It's no use taking it!
d. (cries loudly) I wish I could take it again!
e. Didn't like it.

Based on your answers, try to make up what kinda cat you are. Hoped you liked it!

The End

If you are reading this, you have reached the end of The CAT PAGE. Don't worry! I will add a new exclusive story about my different experiences with cats every now and again, and will edit this page a lot.



Elizabeth Olsson


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Thank you for reading The Cat Page.


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